Beanie - blue


Beanie – basically an irreplaceable item in your kid’s wardrobe. Our bestseller. A soft, comfortable and user-friendly cotton beanie. A must-have look for every occasion. You can wear it all year long, only for cold winters switch for our Winter Collection Beanie! Each Lamama Beanie features a tiny insert with a black dot, visible stitching at the back, and a tag with our Lamama logo.

How to choose the perfect size?

To effectively choose the size of the beanie you should measure the child’s head circumference in centimeters. When selecting your beanie you should choose one that is a centimeter smaller than the actual measurement (if the child`s head circumference shows, e.g. 49cm, you should choose size 48/50cm) The circumference is measured from the forehead, behind the ears then up to the neck. Do not buy a beanie according to your child’s age, as children of the same age can have different head sizes. The given age range is treated as a guide only when buying a hat as a gift. 

Good advice: do not order hats bigger than the measurement and do not “use” sizes from a different beanie because each brand has its own size & fit rules.

I use only the highest quality cotton, certified according to the Oeko - Tex Standard 100 - RELIABLE TEXTILES

  • method of production: machine-made, manually cut
  • material used: 100% cotton
  • machine wash at 30 degrees
  • wash and iron inside out
  • do not tumble dry



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