T-SHIRT PRINT - Recently you have been ordering personalized prints from us. Anyway, you can see it in the pictures on the right - these are all orders from our little customers!

Wercia, Nikos, Małgosia and Tomek are already enjoying clothes with their names :)

Remember that when it comes to personalization, you can order almost anything you want! A different inscription, a different color of ferns or batmysh? Together, we will create a project especially for you!

If you want to order a printed t-shirt:

1. Add this "T-SHIRT PRINT" product to your cart.

2. Add a t-shirt / long sleeve on which you want this print.

3. In the comment to the order, write to us what print and color you are interested in (if you have more clothes in your basket, also add which one you want to have the print on).

4. Enjoy the personalized clothes with your toddler!

P.S. If you want to order a printed sweatshirt, add to your basket one of the printed sweatshirts that we have on offer and write in the comment to the order information about the print on it :)



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